Our Story

We aspire to facilitate a movement to guide a generation of women of style towards an appreciation of fewer and better things. Founded by three friends Julien, Ammar and Florent. Our own story is that of diversity against all odds, with a French and Pakistani heritage we aim to create timeless and authentic designs. Our products will be designed in New York City and produced in Italy and France. When we are designing we are exploring the convergence of cultures, architecture, design, and fine craftsmanship. Danyl Marr is in a concept design phase and working to raise funds to start venture in France. 

Starting a business with your best friends is great. It’s also really challenging. The reason this works and we’re still friends is we know who we are - and who we’re not. Steadiness and risk-taking; together, we strike a good balance. We know when to hand something off, and when to take it ourselves. It’s the Danyl Marr culture. Investors. Focus groups. It’s not us. We don’t have anything against conventional wisdom. We just don’t always follow it. We’re industry outsiders with a creative ambitions, the usual insecurities, and all the other stuff that keeps us human. We make fashion accessories with honesty, and we’re real upfront about it.

| The Founders |

Julien Machetto 

Julien was born in Montpelier to French parents and later moved to Nantes, where he studied Engineering Management at Ecole Centrale de Nantes. With a financial business intelligence background, he is an agent of success and is building Danyl Marr brand so he can leave a legacy and inheritance behind for future generations. A lover of the ocean, Julien enjoys surfing and a proponent of a sustainable fashion. He believes being a surfer is more than just someone who rides waves; a surfer is also someone who protects waves. Julien believes if we don’t organize and engage in fighting to save our natural resources, future generations will rightly blame us for the losses.

Ammar Ahmed 

Ammar was born in Rawalpindi to Pakistani parents and later moved to the USA, where he studied Engineering at Lawrence Technological University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Clemson University. He later went on to study accessories design at Parsons, The New School located in lower Manhattan in New York and learned shoes and bags pattern making and design from Arsutoria School of Milan. He began his career with the German company BMW in Functional Design group and continued with a long and successful appointment at French glass maker Arc. Ammar has always been fascinated by functional design that is pure and simple.

Florent Hamlin

Florent was born in the north of France in the city of Lille. Florent studied Master of engineering in Computer science in Ecole Centrale de Nantes. Florent is fascinated by e-commerce and web development and pursued this passion in his studies. Florent feels that technology can lead humanity to a better understanding but it can also destroy our society if it gets out of control.